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From " knife man phenomenon " talk about liquor brand culture?

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Recently, the author learns the information that group of one regulations spirits astonishs on network media, nominal value of 30 million " Dao Lang " trademark holder Xinjiang just predicts Cong Caibo of general manager of investment limited company again second language goes breathtaking: "Dao Lang " wine will be by 2004 appear on the market!

This lets me remember " chiliad phenomenon " , " hundred years phenomenon " , " the Olympic Games is hot " what cause each is fresh " brand follows hot " : "Hundred years phenomenon " have rear " hundred years make wine " wait for emerge in large numbers of hundred years brand; "China male sufficient because Mi Lu walks into the alignment of the world cup " make however " Mi Lu " the brand name that makes a beer------. The popular trend that pays close attention to each period is popular perhaps culture, and can from the commercial value that popular article finds to change popular perhaps and fashionable backside during this, I consider as accord with the market to develop the rule, also be very be necessary. Because generally backside of each popular culture, those who be sure to promote upsurge of a deep economy spread and develop. E.g. , "Olympic Games " make China one Ciciyin is ceaseless and powerful sports, the station is in the world most dawn purpose highest peak, aroused whole world people to China look up at and respect, also aroused the compatriots passion to sports facilities and the attention to sports facilities, then sports makes current China's most enthusiastic passion industry, make the attention central point of people of millions upon millions China. Then of backside place contain " sports estate investment is hot " , " sports celebrity is hot " wait to erupt immediately, attracting a mind which perceives both past and future investor to come round to sing the praises and dig gold. "F1 comes to Shanghai " , " NBA comes to China first " , " Xiao Shan of Hangzhou of settle of tounament of 2004/ world ping-pong "-----Etc, they are heading otherworldly group for Chinese consumer when top-ranking athletics sports is admired, also took a fancy to China's tremendous sports to consume the market, they borrow " F1 " , " NBA China goes " wait for the world to pay close attention to sports project, from Chinese sports consumptive market obtained quite rich and generous sports to invest redound; With Li Ting, Sun Tian sweet the throne of gold of woman two-men tennis that two people stand in Olympic Games of the 28th Athens first, changed however " Chinese tennis is surpassed publicly " ablaze come on stage; Liu Xiang carries off on Olympic Games of the 20th Athens man after gold of 110 meters of hurdle race, value of its ego advertisement formed the absolutely big difference of around, taking allegedly when Olympic Games gold, dai Yan expends his advertisement to be controlled in 500 thousand yuan, and after taking Olympic Games gold to come back from elegant report when him, violent wind of its advertisement value rises 20 million yuan of above, not only such, still became numerous advertisement advocate strive for " popular one of " , include " Bai Sha (cigarette) group " , " Chinese postal express delivery " inside, at present Liu Xiang has been the spokesman of 4 above brand at least; Olympic Games of the 28th Athens still is being held in, the company of Chinese mainland is right of the athlete that gold wins on the Olympic Games, trainer " name " move rose " idea " , registered on Internet include Liu Xiang, Chen Zhong and (bishop of Chinese female card is experienced) , king justice husband waits inside " current network address " and " Internet domain name " ; File the name of these athletes to register the registered trade mark that is relevant category in brand bureau-------; These sports projects or sports celebrity, why can you get investment business of so much or is company place chased after hold in both hands? I think with these sports projects or sports celebrity is concerned to the appeal of broad consumer, the attention element with their backside tremendous contain or relatively attention focusing, this kind of attention is to have sports contest popularity the belief that heat perhaps stars to sports and follow place decision, can saying is consumer to project of sports of some period, some have deep love for, follow and depend on, expression is article of popularity of a kind of sports on culture change or sports popularity trend, it is having relevant focusing point and passionate boiling to nod inside specific period, have sex of effectiveness for a given period of time and epidemic.
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