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Fluid of 6 gods bath: The victory of culture of native land brand

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Be in " successful sale• the Cenozoic Era 2002, pop chart of competition ability of 2003 year brand " in category of bath dew product, the dew of 6 gods bath that Shanghai home changes is ranked with the market share of 18.04% the first, than tower above of the 2nd force person 10.54% , and in the brand in before market share 5, hind 4 all are transnational corporation brand. The market brand loyalty that 6 gods bath shows is spent rank 2, for 72.85% , aggregate index of brand competition ability with 71.86% the first, the platoon has 32.14% the 2nd times in the 2nd only.

Company introduction: Shanghai home turns a company is the cosmetic business with Chinese the longest history, year advocate turnover of course of study exceeds 3 billion yuan, gain ability resides a person of the same trade repeatedly the first. Home of the Shanghai in nearly 3 years changes what maintained 30% above continuously range of year of sales revenue growth, it is one of China's biggest cosmetic companies. The first bottle of 2 syncretic shampoo, the first canister is protected hair finalize the design rub silk, mix the first bottle model frost of hand of perfume, the first timbering... a series of this day that have contemporary sense change a product to all result from Shanghai home is changed. The enterprise has two country's only cosmetic well-known logo beauty is added clean, 6 gods and " clear the wife of a prince " , " dew is beautiful " , " Gough " " hundred rough market " , " Shu Xin " , " facile and graceful " etc famous.

Face oncoming force roaring and the foreign competitor with abundant actual strength, "6 gods " those who held Chinese customer is special savour -- the reliance to culture of traditional doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, from this and the product of establish locates distinctly -- Chinese traditional medicine the bath fluid of composition, it is to was oneself to build strong section of the market to lie between more. Below the Bao Jie, strong attack that combines the transnational corporation such as benefit China, "6 gods " the strategy that bath reveals, how did the company use this locality advantage to make a beautiful comment for Chinese mainland.

Culture of native land brand holds back international successfully brand

Begin from 20 centuries end, world-famous day changes a group to begin to regard burgeoning profit origin as one of ground Chinese market, they are depending on mature product system, advanced sale promotion method and abundant capital safeguard are on Chinese market make trouble. For a short while the goods shelves that the product of the company such as P&G, UNILEVER, KAO is flooding a shop, consumer also is flourish with using these exotic cards; And ethical brand issues some to disappear from the scene gradually in powerful competitive pressure, some became foreign group buy an object, remain propping up hard mostly again. In bath dew market, the easy skin beautiful of P&G, Li Shicheng that combines benefit China is dazzling star.
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