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Of the brand " culture be on sale "

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In domestic sale group, "Be on sale " and " incident " always correlation rises two keywords. Nevertheless, more and more businessmen are in now seek " culture " and " be on sale " two keywords butt joint, transmit a brand with the means of culture be on sale.

Culture is a brand most the DNA of core

Respecting brand, besides simple logo sign, we gift its connotation is too much really, although these connotation are,controlling with aeriform thinking the nerve of consumer. But as brand management and peddler, we must make one solution form to the DNA of the brand, who is a brand after all most the DNA of core?

Probably someone can say is a product, include the quality of the product, but the sign that we did not want to forget a brand to depend on adherent product body to go up just about, and what this symbol represents is a name not just, he is directer those who give customer is a kind of accredit, contented and practical. Visible, this accredit and contented ability are the real demand that consumer is seeking economic base to go up, those who represent this one demand is only literate.

"The mankind is great because of the dream, the enterprise flourishs because of culture. " culture is to gift not only the aureola of enterprise itself, also be a kind of spirit that behaves product strength. Bright red eagle, Bai Sha these brands that cannot publicize oneself because of special industry limitation, concentration is revealed and transmit a brand namely through culture, especially bright red eagle words of such a man-made, itself lacks immanent meaning, lack the gene of ideal explanation, person of bright red eagle gave alone " bright red eagle " the drilling of a series of humanitarian culture, just make bright red eagle has what be DNA with culture character " the eagle of culture " .

"Brand affection is changed " concept once faddish temporarily, but, the brand does not have logic wisdom to change or affection is changed, it is a kind of incorporate of culture character. Farmer spring just when experience enters mineral water market, having facinging child to breath out Ha Hele a few big tycoons such as 100 family names, besides " farmer spring is a bit sweet " outside remembering bit of transmission, touch with contributory " hope project " , the culture DNA that the designation of sports culture activity regards psychological affection as output with the activity such as water, just make value of farmer spring brand promotes substantially, make the high-end brand of domestic beverage market.

Culture be on sale; The highest state of brand transmission

Be in famous " be on sale 28 laws " in, "Human law " place in the first, this also explains just is in order to satisfy the culture character of human demand the most crucial, be in especially the product is coessential today change more and more serious market to turn white-hot below condition. What Kendeji manages in the whole world is not simple meal, however one kind advocates the meal culture with the mainstream. The success of Coke Cola tells us: When what become some kind of culture when a brand is indicative, its transmission, influence and sale are hard of appraisal, and the culture that this brand will represent with it in all drift along.
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