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Through " A Fan carries ad " culture of regurgitation area brand travels

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"Afandi " who be? Without doubt, the name that this child old man all knows is widely known already! "Afandi " in contain is worn infinite business chance, this is beyond question also to a lot of businessmen, at present they already more or less applied " Afandi " regard industry, product or shop as label or figure, promote a brand with this for chance famous spend and get a benefit. The Afandi of a lot of afford for thought that practice carries to go out in the fokelore of the Afandi that circulates from folk applies clever wisdom and humour to be poor the classic tale of be apt to of evil raise of 100 sexes punish, circulate very wide, the person that this lets us know Afandi liked to go up as a child clever Afandi and his goodness and brilliant figure. Afandi is medium inferior Mohammedan culture encircles the area medium legend wisdom person. Go up oneself century after 80 time, broadcast in home in succession as the animation work that is a hero with Afandi and work of movie and TV, because Afandi has become a kind of wisdom, a brand, a kind almost the culture phenomenon of known to all, extend Afandi's story and form a new climax again. In people heart, that is riding donkey, wrapping pester a head, rob the rich and help the poor everywhere, with cling to according to people the Afandi with the clever and humorous the Uygur nationality of oppose, it is wisdom and brave symbolizing. As a result of " Afandi " in civilian masses this public praise photograph is awarded, circulate very wide " brand image " , make a lot of businessman was hit " Afandi's idea " , carry cartoon figure old write an essay through A Fan. From at the outset the Afandi of the pharmacy in the river is riding short-haired pelt ass to be recommended to contemporary child " careless coral " , with Afandi figure made let the TV ad with a lot of impressive consumer undertake putting in up to now, make its sell rapid promotion, the ability after amounting to 100 million yuan till sales volume is attributed to gently; To pharmacy of haing drug group the asks type in order to set to use Afandi cartoon figure of 6 factories is publicized " lactobacillus of the card that it is disappear element piece " , next again outspread to a lot of " team, A Fan carries happy dining-room of accent of one's native place of Home Afandi, Afandile content sheds smokeless barbecue, Afandi company, hotel, apartment, office building, a Fan carries data bank, A Fan to carry Chu Zhili to taste card, A Fan to carry ethical art group to wait a moment. These names that use Afandi name and a flourish of trumpets phenomenon, make Afandi becomes a kind almost " culture phenomenon " . Nowadays, "Afandi " glamour transcended ethical boundary line even, afandi also became our country the wisdom in each ethical mood, brave reincarnate, become the brand that businessman of Chinese each district is approbated and values jointly and intangible assets. Regurgitation one: Advertisement effect of Afandi sleeps lightly a flock of dreamboat are well-known, afandi's birthplace is in in inferior area, and Asian center and hinterland are in Xinjiang, serve as Mohammedan believer collect the ground, afandi's figure is being had in their memory very tall famous spend and beautiful praise degree. So, afandi's story and fokelore and Mohammedan euqally wide for transmission. This has made appearance of culture of region of one cultivate land not only, more made appearance of culture of a kind of world. And the person that regards Afandi as home town, regard Afandi as the birthplace of story and figure, numerous businessman did not make however " Afandi " this brand image carries forward further. The ability that they seize the market and business chance and the capacity that raise the discovery that is brand acting character and hype with A Fan are antipathetic in that way, did not grasp opportunity truly really, business chance was grabbed by other district however first. Lift market of brand image race to control with A Fan when those first the enterprise of machine and person are in 5 years early even when big big several money 10 years ago, when what the brand that these people will use A Fan to carry Dai Yan flies higher to go is farther, and the person that A Fan carries home town and enterprise still are cheating head foolish to sleep, awake also is to sleep eye not yet fully open on waking up. Later, native land person woke up to reality, should regard Afandi as when brand and culture have transmission, others does not wish to play again already this kind almost machine-made " commercial game " . Old before, when the pharmacy in the river " careless coral " after breaking through an income of 100 million with Afandi's advertisement, a Fan carries the person of birthplace where to be, do not know they see this ad, be after seeing hey hey a giggle, still object to this, also be to distain probably one Gu Ye cannot say. Anyhow, of the Afandi that these are being perplexed by the dream " villagers " what issue Afandi without Yan Xi almost is clever with wisdom, was not changed by Afandi's dot, do not have more those who accept is resonant fame and the comes from exterior district how many material benefit that brings for them and how many interest. These your A every carry oneself to feel his a bit lamentable posterity descendants and villagers, it is what block up after all the head that you use ancestors fame and brand to make money however by " alien " the fact of earn the idle rich ah! Connect the knock on that head be been in by the master 3 times to be comprehended completely among them " intendment " small monkey -- Sun Wu can become celestial being to must from this for nothing, and the wisdom that cannot we still catch up with a monkey? By border foreign enterprise course of study promotes figure and brand because of A Fan and far left behind place enterprise is done why impressions, lie between when old later, the enterprise that sleeps lightly from inside the dream partly and individual just follow others " the buttock " go like a wind, slowly come late A Fan carries figure advertisement to just appear on media, the product brand that promotes him Dai Yan with A Fan also is so pale. And right now, how does consumer react? If flavour chews candle, new move already by others countervail, does the transmission of the culture of the product brand that A Fan promotes Dai Yan still have strength and strange feeling? the good name that A Fan mentions the villager of elders of a country or district of home town to you can eulogize Afandi merely and story? Those even if are the small business butcher that thinks of to be propagandist stencil with Afandi, expression comes out " Afandi exceeds preconscious " also be a kind of petty trick only just. Regurgitation 2: Not to be pooh-poohed discovers district brand, love you to did not discuss to be just like Xinjiang place one is passed sing extremely wide folk song " child with a ha is breathed out " same, this folk song passes what innovation of no less than gentleman of guest of king the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces give sung wide rate " half moon was mounted " this song is wide. " child with a ha is breathed out " the language of the concise and comprehensive that expression of this song place comes out, straightaway style, happy and auspicious atmosphere, slow the tonal patterns and rhyme schemes of Chinese poetry that writes down easily is to make expression of this song place comes out tremendous glamour and pass sing extremely wide germ to be in. And Afandi's story should compare this of course " child with a ha is breathed out " the range that song circulates is more wide. It is out likewise the culture of a district, and let others grab again first. Hangzhou child with a ha breaths out a group is this head " child with a ha is breathed out " the biggest person be benefited of song! Do not admire be no good, without doubt is business chance of the equality to everybody, it is because of the person different however and expression came out " imparity " . The businessmen eye because of the success more acumen, thinking ability more lead, they very the tremendous business chance of under cover of the place in be good at discovering the culture of these folk. Xinjiang has cling to Da Xingren, sweet and goluptious, original other people with rare for expensive undertake selling, and when giving buccal inland or Taiwan and other places, pack those who use is gunny-bag however. And the businessman when inland with be being packed elegantly, high quality figure " exit turns sale in domestic market " when selling a Xinjiang, however with " brand " the capacity appears before the masses, it is scene very, same thing price is local product however 8 -- 10 times. Some moment are to be close friends everybody shares the thing together, can be however occasionally only I enjoy alone. See this is the thing of everybody that knows jointly obviously, others is inspired because of getting from which however and can get a benefit, and you still wander in place however. Be just like what say in the story then: Two bonze live in photograph adjacent respectively in the temple on two hill, there is a river between these two hill, two bonze can be in everyday same time carries water downhill, as time passes became a good friend. Went 5 years insensibly, one day suddenly the bonze of this hill does not have left to carry water downhill, the bonze heart of that hill considers right: "He overslept probably. " also do not have accordingly too care about. Which know the following day, the bonze of this hill still does not have left to carry water downhill. A week went, the bonze heart of that hill considers right: "My friend may fall ill, I should visit him in the past, look can the what on the side is busy. " after waiting for him to see lad, astonied, because his lad is hitting shadowboxing before temple, a bit also a week did not drink unlike the appearance of water. He asks curiously: "You already a week did not carry water downhill, need not be you used drink water? " the friend takes away him to arrive the backyard of temple, pointing to a well to say: "Come 5 this years, I finish everyday the metropolis after the homework smokes free time to dig this well, although sometimes very busy, but can dig how to much calculate. Nowadays, let my gouge eventually water, I need not carry water downhill again, can have the shadowboxing that more time drill I like. " do a business as be an upright person, successful person always searchs all likelihoods to create opportunity, and because he is awaiting the advent of the opportunity all the day,the loser fails is, waited all one's life as a result, had not waited come, until just can understand probably to death, still can change a kind of vivid way all one's life so. The current situation creates opportunity, achievement tomorrow is met when machine, and the be pregnant with in future is worn brand and culture. With respect to Xinjiang this locality character, district culture builds the atmosphere of a kind of culture that go out is not easy, and once this kind of culture is accumulated,form make likely enterprise or product make it a kind of brand, a kind of strong brand. And often depend on a momentary slip with the thing of brand just miss the opportunity. For instance, there is a lot of is worth in the food of Xinjiang extol and show off. Catch a meal, it is a kind of medicinal food allegedly, not only nutrition is rich, and aroma 4 excessive, person glibly lets flow when eating sweet. Although a lot of people know Xinjiang catchs a meal famous, delicious, but do not have an enterprise namely, seize business chance without the person, its make it a well-known trademark, implementation dimensions is managed, do next do by force big, the countrywide strong brand like doing formation of a imagine to interlink snack. Xinjiang serves as 4 large a pasturing area, meat of flocks and herds is abundant, and the flesh is qualitative fresh and tender, mouthfeel is very good, the hotpot of no less than Inner Mongolia, can do not have where individual or what enterprise not to discover namely, unthink makes the key of advantage of economy of translate into of advantage of source of this cultivate land is in, in the brand conduct propaganda and dietary culture popularize a field is to lag behind at Inner Mongolia far however. Ceng Huo gets asset to be in short-term inside times fast increase by degrees the Inner Mongolia of countrywide coronal " small fat sheep " chain, race to control the whole nation irons the business chance that brushs the market, and the similar chain later follows Xinjiang one kind namely others hears those who hear soot yesterday chrysanthemum. It is Afandi no matter, " child with a ha is breathed out " , still be the dietary culture of Xinjiang district, the culture that these this locality generation come out and brand are used by the National People's Congress with different astute region use especially, and local because do not have,do not feel oneself aching? Land source advantage brought up culture of a district and brand, if do not strong, can be you done greatly how? Regurgitation 3: The native land phenomenon of culture and different region transmit a lot of moment, because the person is limitted development of refer of have no way by district, and once be united in wedlock to become meeting generation with culture photograph,give tremendous energy, because culture does not have border. Xinjiang is the birthplace of singing and dancing, for quite a long time already famed far and near. Actually this formed a kind of culture already, the group of Wei Wu Er that is great famous energy of life no matter is happy " 12 wood block Mu " , " happy dance of chelonian at present " of little still famous energy of life " Dao Lang dance " , these had made culture gem, xinjiang singing and dancing has become a lot of dancing lover to contend for the phenomenon of a kind of culture that studies, already reached the degree of reach the limit in native land transmission especially, and did not receive transmission however inside bigger range, what is making the person understands after all character actually? A lot of people also are only " hear its voice and do not see its allow " . Still have man of knife of a singer fortunately, give ammunition the district culture of Xinjiang indeed. Actually, dao Lang is a legend and the nation that contain mysterious colour the Western Regions and district a general designation, they are to live in diversiform-leaved poplar of region of river of Qiang of Xinjiang leaf Er the ethical branch of dance of be apt to of Lin Zhongneng song, especially in order to jump knife man dance is famed at the world. Continued already the passion of singing and dancing of ancient the Western Regions is like fire, the lifelike that also having local people to long-term production lives and form dramatic appearance and the marrow of dance. Here, a person cannot represent Dao Lang quite, we are understandable be a kind of sincere feeling build up, a kind of element, an unit, thereby by " Dao Lang " for the line, increased the mystery of big desert of the Western Regions, can fall in relatively difficult environment to knife man clansman live, multiply is unripe the admire of breath and deeper to the Western Regions yearning. And " Dao Lang " the body with one person and did the thing that carries a vessel, did not make at this o'clock native land culture times suffer desolate. Reflect the range of square respect of dribs and drabs beside not only to culture phenomenon, developing in a few enterprises as much without with the function that supersede, blend in the square field surface of the enterprise. Small-time enterprise says a system, minor enterprise explains a method, top-ranking enterprise just can tell culture. For example abundant field company, feng Tian to come true " it is better that the product wants, it is cheaper that price wants, good idea builds good product " the undertaking is final target, suggest from rationalize above all proceed with, began rationalize to suggest to move. Feng Tian begins to pursue this one proposal from 1952, encounter many difficulty, the proposal that receives every months is very few, just had not received more than 100 proposals the first year, but leader layer of Feng Tian did not back down, insist to arouse, hold to the action, arrived to received many 40 proposal 1974, use rate achieve 79% , arrived the company was about one day to receive 2000 proposals 1975, extended 1977 proposal bonus 400 million much yen, feng Tian was formed from now on " abundant cropland spirit " . This kind of culture makes the enterprise of a lot of China is accepted hard really, because a lot of enterprises of China were held to " family scandal cannot outside raise " teachings of the deceased, although,be being carried to a few average employee is a proposal it is very feasible and reasonable, but because can touch,the interest of certain respect or certain person makes the enterprise won't be accepted absolutely. A lot of company culture that this is China cannot be accepted by different region place quite and do one of not big reasons. The setting of culture contains relatively complex content among them sometimes, get the influence of setting of custom habit, history, humanitarian element and times feature. What although this is planted,culture travels in mainland is very wide, be approbated to be by a lot of people very outstanding, but the zone with arrived certain is just like however " of fortune-telling attack wrong divinatory symbols -- this action was ineffective " . And this kind " culture -- mainland is built " formed a kind of formulary already, but the difficulty that often can encounter expect to be less than when outward transmission. Although transmit the ground special also esteem this kind of culture, but culture and with culture between however cannot confluence and be well versed in. Long do not hear its into orchid room sweet. If a person is in an enterprise,stay long, perhaps feel the unique part that is less than atmosphere of this company culture, catch place of this kind of atmosphere more impossibly to communicate come out " strength " , but in the first impression that the enterprise gives a person, the person that feels acute of the falling of one leaf heralds the autumn " leaf " , often be company culture hitting beside come back. The culture of sea Er company that I know is from what break freezer to begin, broke freezer incident to shake strongly employee, at the same time also the dig up that shake regret gave brand of a nation. Sea Er also is chance with this, from improvement the product pledges the quantity manages to overall quality, the business that carries ceaseless development changes, will realize the confluence of the value concept of the value concept of the enterprise and employee. Sea Er changes ceaselessly, the course of ceaseless innovation, it is the process that the company culture of sea Er individual character fashions. Sea Er has base of 30 many production in abroad, nearly 10 thousand employee, the employee that these foreign employee become sea Er and next roots can be plunged into to come in place, this brand with respect to demonstrative sea Er and culture had been accepted by these foreign stuff place, be accepted by different region and consumer place, it is brand culture the example that travels successfully in different region. Welcome and Globrand (global brand net) the point of view that column author exchanges you or view, author king use is opened, use of true name king is neat. Devote oneself to the reflection of business management and product market sale and research for years, with the insight of acumen, understand thoroughly market sale wind and cloud. Media of many famous network and traditional media columnist and contributor of engage by special arrangement. Work has peotry anthology " the person that the Western Regions goes " , " green sign language " and sale work collect " Chinese sale deepness thinks " etc. Experienced management of resource of editor of sale, layout, magazine, manpower to wait for a profession in succession.
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