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Low operation tastes card culture

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  Through changing the brand culture after, if do not have effective transmission, just will flow at the each character symbol on paper face forever. Literal symbol is inanimate, do not have to pulling litre of brand to sell apparently any impel force, if brand controller wants to let inanimate literal activation rise, he must let consumer be in experience directly on extensive brand contact drop as far as possible. The means or of the experience is to let consumer employ eye, ear, nose, tongue, mouth to feel, or is in making consumer direct participate in brand activity, come.

Two years ago, mcdonald's will continue 50 years very reluctantly long " often mirth, often Mcdonald's " locate re-orientation begs ego to become independent to appeal to " I like " , door inn begins global Mcdonald's advance gradually changes oneself about. At this late hour, if once Mcdonald's is confused, in spatio-temporal interval Mcdonald's is returned suddenly after two years, regular meeting feels peculiar in his heart: Is I am in a place be once child joyous sound laughs at the Mcdonald's of language completely?

Mcdonald's changed. Its target crowd already by is original " family and child " , displacement the young men and women for own independence. We often mention no less than, the brand is one is having collective and idiosyncratic crowd database, when the core crowd of assemble of place of a brand changes, the brand culture of this brand also will produce change. Then, when Mcdonald's " domestic culture " demise is " young culture " when, the din that it distributings to there will be children no longer in inn of on 10 thousand doors is blatant, replace will be a flock of group the cruel male cruel with independent individual character female.

VALS model

Brand culture is symbiosis of the core target crowd that locates at brand place, what what it reflects is the viewpoint of value of brand assemble crowd, and the crowd culture that their place has jointly.

From the point of this one relation, brand culture is cannot without foundation is concoctive of have words. However, the group consults in the business circles nowadays and brand, have however comparative to hold the person that is holding flicker state of mind in the arms to think lowly partly, brand culture pats a head to be met instantly inspirational 4 shoot, a few more fictional producing area, product and author " romaunt " , next Guan Yitang and of emperor " catchword " and " concept " , then stands in intranet and advocate of the general trends on media, brand culture loosens easily gently " like nature itself " .

But which are like the fact this is simple! The mutual culture of a crowd and viewpoint of value are not " assume sth as a matter of course " , it needs to a close data digs a process, showing most popular on the world mining tool is VALS model.

Of depict of VALS model key is a crowd " viewpoint of value and life form " . "Life form " the concept is the earliest psychologist Adler put forward 1927, arrive next 1963, williams
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