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Hospital brand, without Debuli

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If say the hospital wants to make a brand, I think hospital must " medical ethics " undertake to oneself " comprehensive check-up " , next cogent the moral level that raises oneself, otherwise, the brand of the hospital can be help a tyrant to do evil only, reduce " tool harmful a person " and " profitable tool " , and won't have other and positive effect. After I been goinging to a hospital, decide to abandon the invitation of a few hospitals instantly, short-term inside not sortie hospital brand, because, what I see in place's best hospital is the one act that makes me aching however! Brand organizer must him not let sb down conscience, common feature says, brand organizer is certain both neither can " mean " , also cannot model the brand that does not have moral foundation! Is emergency call room there is a doctor? Successive several days outer be away on official business, gastric ministry is a little uncomfortable, but without too strong sense, so oneself also are done not have too care about. Be away on official business after coming back, gastric ministry begins to rise sorely, go to a hospital then. Outpatient service doctor comes after registration before. Outpatient service doctor asked two questions simply, mix in the stomach like like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply of the stomach around feel, conclude, open a prescription. Subsequently, we go making a money, take drug. The feminine manner of gathering is abominable very, with dialect of a few place, of the murmur in Ji said some " muddleheaded " thing. We are understood not, just can understand her expression. Such hospital still is place's best hospital unexpectedly, the brand that true lane does not know this hospital is how to be modelled come out! Because hang brine even, we come to the infusion room of 3 buildings. When hanging a half, I have a kind of disgusting, feeling that wants vomiting suddenly, and aggravate of gastric ministry ache. Complexion and lip had some of change. The colleague is very anxious, look for a nurse quickly. The nurse takes us to the urgent consulting room of first floor immediately, begin a few critical works at the same time next, the fellow worker that allows me at the same time goes making become diagnostic outpatient service doctor to me. I at that time very feel puzzled: Why so large hospital calls a doctor to cannot be solved through calling, still need somebody to go for personally? Delayed time how to do? Passed a little while, that doctor was driven come over, asked a few questions, decide attribute normal situation, reduce infusion speed to be able to solve a problem. It is really such. After infusion speed is reduced, sick feeling a lot of less, acuteness ache also becomes the ache of intermittence. When brine is about to hang, that doctor was driven again come over, enquired a few circumstances, the departure that is at ease. I am to appreciate very, plaint to the colleague instantly: "This doctor so bear the blame! God-given! " the colleague was to affirm this doctor first just practice, the course that he goes for before narrating a hour next -- " hello, just the body when a patient that you had treated hangs water is very uncomfortable, disgusting, want to vomit, gastric ministry also is in acuteness painful. Ask you to go emergency call room looks how to be handled. " " uncomfortable word, unplug (woven hose) OK! " that doctor's very blunt answer talk. "Be no good, have an accident how to do? The nurse of emergency call room wants me to call you. " the colleague is anxious very. "Is emergency call room there is a doctor? " that doctor's very reasonable rhetorical question line. "The nurse of emergency call room says to call you, because a moment ago was done,those who diagnose is you, of prescribe also is you, only you are familiar with the process of around. " " then I go. " the answer that that doctor is like have no alternative says. "Cough! This doctor agrees eventually ' drive is driven ask for in person ' . " after I listen, plaint, "Doctor unexpectedly such! Such doctor, such hospital still is the brand with local best hospital unexpectedly! Really profanatory brand! "
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