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Strap especially when division of · of general of benefit of humble of sale Great Master with " consumer buys a product actual it is to satisfy a certain requirement " , guide global sale job to spend " promote " after gloomy age, we will be full of the broad road of sunshine to go up to step down forever in it seems that, however, the life is changeful, the thing that our expect is less than often appears on the market, for instance, more and more people began consumption to rise " demand is experienced " , it is namely besides the product he is exacting still one kind is enjoyed, perhaps say the feeling that is a kind of consumption and culture. Cite study the case that straps oneself especially " a consumer that plans to buy broach, what he needs truly is the hole that broach digs actually, is not broach, so the market sale of the enterprise should above all from understanding he needs what kind of opening, just be how to call consumer to understand his broach can dig the hole that he asks next " for namely, now, this consumer asks to get can satisfaction the product of his demand not only, and he wants to get additionally how just can digging that hole, perhaps enjoy particularly easily hit, the place with the than what having good, special product that tells the Kong He that he hits with your broach others even, will after he has this opening, be like why special experience? ... namely, he is besides corporeal demand had mental demand again, exchanging a word is culture demand.

At that time you -- regard product of a broach as the enterprise, how you and your brand is done?

Coke Cola, Mcdonald's, Suo Ni, be able to bear or endure the experience proof such as the gram, the product ability is all-around contented customer that has brand culture only

The likelihood is more than I and my friend has a such feelings, namely Coke Cola does not belong to the sort of drinking to rise taste is very good and the beverage of satisfy one's thirst, however we are chronic almost buy it, drink it, why? Outside the sale site that I consider to the advertisement conduct propaganda that blots out the sky and cover up the earth besides Coke Cola among this and nowhere are absent, the three-layer culture connotation that a very main reason is contain of place of itself of Coke Cola brand: The first, everybody is drunk, it is basic the one part that already was our life, no matter black, white man or men and women are drunk, so we make the alien part that does not drink it very hard; The 2nd, it can let us be experienced vigor, green, motion, bright, pleased etc experience, actually may not is real function is experienced, but the fixed position that consumes group of characteristics and brand because of what form for a long time, we had such psychology to experience really, and this kind experiences elephantine addiction to jump over defect euqally deeper; The 3rd, as a hundred years brand, it is having the brand of very deep United States culture, its two war period and " free " homonymic, hind of World War II and " American dream (AMERICA   DREAM) " homonymic, so, it represented a kind of free and open, society culture that releases ego, this kind of culture is in current this economy is progressively in the times of diversity of unifinication, politics, the transmission force that expression comes out and permeate force, to us cannot refuse more. So, imperceptible in when we are drinking Coke Cola, also enjoyed the thing of these culture. Conversely, asking to want when you already can satisfy one's thirst can have again additional when the beverage of kind of experience, coke Cola also accords with a requirement apparently.
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